Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not Bluetooth Compatible

We really do our best talking at bedtime in our house.

Mama- So, it really bothers you that I keep calling baby Isaac "Zacky" in my head?

Hubby- Yes, I hate the name "Zack." His name is not going to be Zack. If you have to call him Zack, then we have to have a new name.

Mama - OK, I can deal with that. How about "zacky poo baby boo?"

Hubby- Ha. Ha. I guess there really aren't too many good nicknames for Isaac.

Mama- Well, we thought that about Natalie, too.

Hubby- Awww. Our little Natterbeetle. Hey, he can be iBaby!

Mama - He is not an electronic device!

Hubby- [now ignoring the Mama and talking only to the "iBump"] Hey there little iBaby! It's your daddy! My little iBaby.....

I do not like where this is going, people.


Jenny said...

You should name him something that no one could ever make fun of. Like Nimrod. Or Dweezil.


Phoenix said...

I love the name Isaac. And Natalie. How about Ike? That's the only other one I can come up with.

Or like Jenny said, something funny. Maybe not Dweezil though.

My nieces get called tons of names that aren' even close to their names. Beany, Chicken Little, Little Bits, Bitsy, Buggars. :)