Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Baby Update - 10 weeks and counting

For those who know me in real life and read this blog for baby updates, and to the pre-ecclampsia survivors who are getting me through this pregnancy with prayer and support – I went to the doctor today and got a little scare. He was worried from the feel of things in my belly that baby wasn’t growing as he should. I know this is a common road bump in pregnancy, but I’m a worry wart and it freaked me out. He re-checked my blood pressure ( 128/ 68 – normal), reviewed the urine test stuff (no protein – excellent), took a good look at my feet and hands (puffy), and sent me for an ultrasound. After a long wait, the ultrasound revealed that baby is in fact not small at all. He is actually measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. My doctor isn’t worried about him being too big, so I’m reassured. The ultrasound tech also pointed out that our little big man has quite a bit of hair on his little big head.

Isaac - I can't wait to meet you, but please stay in there for a couple more months!


Jenny said...

Ack! Don't scare me like that. From now on I need a note at the top telling me it's all okay.

My goodness, I'm glad you're going through this again and not me. Those moments always scared the crap out of me.

Jen said...

Oh wow, that would have made my heart skip a beat too. I'm so happy Isaac is growing so well.

Jen :)