Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bring out the Good

There hasn't been much to say lately- the creativity and introspection have just not been flowing. The doctor checked me out, and I'm doing well. I still have to stop myself from adding "for now" to that sentence.

Our A/C was broken all weekend, and I think I'm still sweating from that. I've been so crabby that I yelled at my poor daughter for throwing a fit (as in, let me just yell at you about how you are yelling and that will surely teach you to stop yelling), I criticized my husband for wanting to take a day of work to work on house projects (again, what?), and the first thought through my mind this morning when I saw a co-worker who is relocating to another office area was "Today's the last day I'm going to have to see you first thing in the morning," (and I actually like the guy.) I am just a big ole crab these days. In an effort to be more positive, here is a post about an organization that I think is doing good in the world:

Top Five Reasons that Operation Christmas Child, by Samaritan’s Purse, is a charity that I look forward to supporting every holiday season:

5. I get to go shopping and I don’t have to bring any more “stuff” into my house.

4. Buying Christmas presents for kids is more fun in October when I haven’t already spent my entire Christmas budget

3. I can turn a shoebox into a treasure chest without feeling like a dork.

2. I don't have to think about how noisy or annoying a toy might be before I buy it.

1. In all seriousness, I get to do something that impacts a child’s life, and I don’t have to just send off a check and wonder how it was spent.

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