Sunday, January 6, 2008

Safety Words

Warning- Random information to follow...

You know how in the movies people always have a "safety word" or some kind of code so that their loved ones can make sure they are really themselves and not a zombie or a clone?

Well, if you ever meet me in a dark alley and you want to be sure it's the real Mama, just ask me, "What is the difference between concrete and cement?"

If "I" stare at you like your head is made of jell-o and you are speaking Portugese, then it is not me, it is a zombie.

If "I" say "They are the same thing, you fool," and start laughing maniacally, it is NOT me, it is a clone with a taste for world domination - run away.

If I immediately start waving my arms and talking about "aggregate" and "silicates" and your eyes glaze over and you think maybe I said there are volcanos in Portland, then you have met the real Mama.

Mama REALLY loves concrete.

When I was in college this is pretty much the only thing that kept me coming to class every day.

Yep, I'm a geek. But how many people do you know that can build a boat out of concrete and race it? Well, now you know at least 1.


Susan said...

I learned about concrete in art history! Thank you, Romans!

Eulalia said...

Well said.