Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Quick update for now-

Saturday I found myself in the L&D ward at the hospital. Everything is "fine" right now, before I get started with the story.

It turns out that I have had a partial placental abruption that is now stabilized, and I am on hospital bedrest for the duration of the pregnancy, which will be one more week maximum. Baby's heartrate and movements are good, so all the experts agree that the best thing is to keep him in a little bit longer. The ultrasounds show him at a good weight, and I had a full course of steroids to help with his lung development, so the outlook is good. I have read and heard so many stories of women who lost thier precious babies this way, so I feel extremely blessed to be sitting here listening to the swooshing heartbeat on the monitor and feeling his familiar acrobatics in my belly.

Thanks for all the encouragement sent my way!


Jen said...

OMG, I'm so glad that your precious cargo is still with you. Wow! I'll be thinking of you while you are restin'.

Mama, know that positive vibes are coming your way through cyberspace.

Virtual hugs,

Jen said...

Checking back in to make sure all is still well, and baby is still cooking. I hope so!