Friday, July 24, 2009

A Whole Lotta Nuthin Goin On

We are in exactly the same place we were a week ago.  Fortunately, it's not a bad place...but it's not a "done" place either.  Now we are back in the normal routine of life, the familiar.  We are doing all the things we did in the "before," but they are different somehow.  We're like the three little bears coming home to find our stuff not quite how we left it.  Stupid Goldilocks - you're wearing me out.

Still, things are always changing anyway, and I think the new normal will become just the normal before we even realize what we have done.  One thing hasn't changed.  My kids still seem to consider sleep (or at least my sleep) overrated.


Suz said...

that cat looks just like Lucie!

Kristine said...

You know, it seems that if I don't get woken up by a kid or a dog, I wake up on my own...I haven't had a full night's sleep in years!