Monday, March 23, 2009

Disney Pics

I still haven't found that camera cord, but here are some pics by others.

The elusive Snow White - totally worth it all just for this priceless shot:

Thank you, mister Magic Kingdom Balloon Man, for making this little moment possible:

Aladdin was the only "Prince" available for meet and greet.  These two were really impressive in their roles, and Natalie was so excited that she literally couldn't stop jumping for a full 5 minutes after she got her turn.

Isaac actually really loved the characters.  Here is Mama's family with The Mouse Himself at Animal Kingdom:


Kristine said...

She's so cute, and wearing such pretty dresses!

I have to admit that your post made me want to book a vacation right now to go back...never mind getting out of debt, who needs that when you could go to Disney World. I did manage to refrain. Maybe in a couple years.

Suz said...

Not gonna lie... I love that you're wearing a beanie and my brother is still wearing shorts. He's so ridiculous.

That Snow White shot really is AH-MAZING.

Keep me posted on when that ball is that all the girls are invited to! lol

Mom's Just Wana Have Fun said...

I LOVE it all. So cute. And Natalie is looking more and more like her beautiful mother.