Thursday, February 12, 2009

They're Coming to Take Me Away (UPDATED)

I know I have been a little...anxious these days, but it turns out that The Internets are out to get me. First, I get an e-mail/chain letter telling me that I need to go to msn whitepages and make sure that strangers can't just look me up and find out all about me.

Then, I actually GO THERE, thinking I will find nothing and prove that it is all a big conspiracy theory - and it turns out that you CAN just put in my name and find all sorts of information about me.

THEN!!!! I go to request to have my name removed and this is what I get (note the word verification):

And as if that wasn't bad enough, when I did the form, it kept insisting that my code word was wrong.

Why me, Internets?

I know there is a LOLcat out there that is perfect for this post, but I am a little afraid to leave the safety of my blogger dashboard right now.

UPDATED: Now they are just laughing at me


Suz said...

Don't be silly. You're entirely too tall to be a troll. Plus you totally don't live under a bridge nor does your hair stand straight up. I think we've covered all bases on why you're not a troll.

Kristine said...

I really need to update my side bar if you're going to be posting again.

And yes, way too tall to be a troll.