Thursday, May 1, 2008

How do I say Goodbye?

I’ve loved doing this blog, and I’m not deleting it. Mama still really needs a nap, and I’m hoping that in time, I will find the balance that I need to come back to this blog and make it the thing that I want it to be.

The bottom line is that I can’t do that right now. Yes- I need to take time to write, to reflect, and to have something that is mine, but I need to take my focus a few degrees off of me. For now, you can find me here.

I love you all and I will miss you…but I’ll still be hangin’ out on your blogs, I promise!

P.S. If you have kids under 2, you need to read The Vaccine Book, by Robert Sears. When you are done, you just might know more than your doctor knows about vaccines.



Kristine said...


I'll miss your blog. I guess I could get my lazy @$$ up and just come talk to you though.

Jen said...

Will miss you but understand.


Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Howdy!! Please come back!! PLEASE!!

You have friends in Blogdom!