Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello out there

Welcome, self, to the blogging world. Oh- and you, too – welcome to my corner. I’m Katy, often known as “Katy from Katy” (so no, you’re not as creative as you thought you were, everyone). I’m a wife, mom, full time employee, Christian, and there must have been something else in there at some point – I think I remember having an identity of my own once. Maybe that’s why I’m doing this blogging thing. Maybe I can find me in here again somewhere and introduce myself to a few new and interesting people.

My life is probably just like yours and also not that much like yours in that way that is usually true with people once you get to know them well enough. My daughter is potty training right now, so I spend most of my “free” time doing laundry. I don’t believe that she actually knows when she is about to go, but the people at the daycare think she does. If that’s true, then Natalie is confused about where the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy should be applied. And meanwhile, the people I pay to watch my daughter while I am at work watching her on the webcam so I can afford to pay them (huh?) are running our whole family’s life with their training agenda.

I operate on the principle that God is like the glass sphere to my static ball. Not from the 80’s? Here then. I’m that neon pink part in the middle and He is the big glass case. He keeps all my sparks contained so I’m more brilliant-fire-in-a-kaleidoscope and less lighting-storm-in-my-living-room. Also when the switch is off and I’m just a little lump of carbon or whatever the heck is in there, he’s the thing that keeps people from poking at me and stealing the precious spark that I am storing up for the next time I have some energy flowing though me. If I stay close to God, I can be all I am and not fear self-destruction. If I wander out on my own – well, then I’m on my own. Experience has taught me that I’ve got that pesky self-destruction bug just waiting to pop out the first chance it gets.

Today’s book: The Discipline Book (Dr. Sears), unless you want to count Once Upon a Potty. The goal is to put some actual literature back up there by the end of the year.

Today’s music: “Love Bites” (Def Leopard) sung by the large man who works in a cubicle across the hall from me, because my i-pod is still packed from vacation.

Today’s scripture: Do not go about spreading slander among your people. (Lev. 19:16) Does that mean I can spread it with your people? I am particularly bad this week about spreading my venom about my boss, despite my efforts to come back from vacation with a renewed attitude. Yep, that lasted about two days. And guess what showed up in the chapter of the day today? Yesterday was some stuff about discharges and the “customary uncleanness” of women that was a little tough to read, but today – “Hey you down there! Can I put it any plainer? Cut that crap out!.”

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